Charles Flowers
Photo by Greg Emetaz
Giraffe House, The Bronx Zoo


VOX Performance:

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         of concert
    Concert Program with Cast List
    Libretto (concert excerpts only)

Sculpture by Loet Vanderveen

Photo by Larry Seegers

NYU Steinhardt Master Class:
     Program with Cast List

     New York State Theater
     Lincoln Center
     April 29, 2008

    Article in September 2008
Classical Singer magazine

Photo by Ralph Gabriner
Engraving by Grigori Kravtsov



Charles Flowers's Current Opera Collaboration
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Our Giraffe
VOX 2008 Finalist
New York City Opera

Performance at 2pm, May 10
Skirball Center, NYU

"...deft and humorous..."
                                    The New York Observer

"Quirky vocalizations...pleasing lyrical music."

"...strikingly original..."

"[VOX is] a hip and adventurous event...A focus of the new music scene every year."
The New York Times

"New York City Opera's VOX festival...
an always encouraging rite of spring."
The New Yorker

Our Giraffe


"She is now in high health and beauty. Her arrival created the greatest satisfaction and enthusiasm...She was first placed in a large building called the Orangery...Nothing could exceed the curiosity she excited. Her place of exercise was generally surrounded by 10,000 persons at a time...This eagerness lasted for many weeks, and not only all the people of Paris, but of the environs went to behold the giraffe. A fresh portrait of her was published every week; representations of her, in various attitudes, decorated every box, every fan, and even the ribbons of the ladies; and men and women wore gloves, shoes, waistcoats, gowns, and bonnets of the same colour as the spots on her sides."
  The Penny Magazine
November 3, 1832





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